Engagement Sesion

Boston Public Garden Engagement Session | Jules + Patrick | Boston Public Library Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer | by Tatiana Blanco

Boston in the spring is probably my favorite time of the year. Everyone can agree that the beauty of the blooming flowers bring us happiness and awakeness from the cold winters in New England.

This spring I made it my goal to capture the flowers and new couples that had always chosen spring as their favorite season.

Jules and Patrick Boston engagement session at The Public Garden is probably my favorite this year. This incredible military couple has an unbelievable story, from where they met to serving the country to committing to each other.

Jules is an outstanding lady. The moment we spoke in the phone we had an instant connection and I feel in a way it was destiny that we met. I adore these two love birds and they are an inspiration to my life.

It is incredible to see their photos and thinking how badass they are in everyday life.

This is the part of this job I love, the process and the care. I do care so much about every couple and that makes this more than a pasion.

I look forward to photographing their wedding This August 23rd, 2019.