Carolyn & Jack's Wedding at The Little Harbor Chapel And Mombo Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH / by Tatiana Blanco

Carolyn's mother met me through a colleague at her work. Suzanne works for the Brigham and Women's Hospital and I freelance for them as well. She was kind enough to introduced me to her daughter Carolyn who was getting marry.

After looking at my web site Carolyn hired me and I was excited to photograph her wedding in beautiful Portsmouth.

I always scout locations before I photograph a wedding. It is part of my preparation so I can grab ideas and spots for thee couple shots. I drove to Portsmouth and walked around the beautiful area. I went to Little Harbor Chapel and fell in love with the little church. The area around the harbor was stunning so I took a walk and got amazing ideas. After scouting I decided to have lunch before heading back to Boston. I found this little place near the harbor and I met some locals who recommended me The Common which is a park that has amazing sightseeing. I decided to check it out and indeed it was breathtaking. 

The wedding day arrived and decided to come to Carolyn's home earlier than usual to cover the getting ready photos. The moment I met Carolyn I felt I knew her already. She was kind and  appreciative of my time and work. I must say the day was calm and easy from beginning to end. Not only I fell in love with her beauty but with her persona. 

I met jack for the first time seconds before the ceremony started and I could feel how passionate and loving he was towards Carolyn. They were patient and up for all the photos I wanted to take. I am blessed and appreciatived of how amazing my couples are.

I loved every second of the day and excited about the photos I was able to capture.